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Team Trios 2/19/22

1st- Gavin Connor, Team You Already Know, Legacy Age: 21  Occupation: Army What deck did you play today, and why did you choose it? Jeskai Daybreach for the combo control elements attacking the field best What was the best card in your deck, and why? Flusterstorm for the fact that I played against combo decksContinue reading “Team Trios 2/19/22”

Modern Showdown 9/12/21

1st Place- Aaron Davis Age: 31 Occupation: Content Producer What deck did you play, and why did you choose it? Jund Living End – I tested the Blue version and the Jund version. The problem Blue was having Jund was overcoming and it’s able to cast it’s creatures a lot more consistently. It doesn’t have the toolsContinue reading “Modern Showdown 9/12/21”